Maria Slovakova

Maria Slovakova studied in general art technique classes from age 5, exhibited in school exhibitions since then.

She had her first solo mixed media art show in Rock Fabrik Bratislava in 1996 that was followed by a large number of solo and group shows worldwide.

Her artwork has been selected for and shown at Washington Square Galleries in NYC, USA, Quartier 21 at Museums Quartier in Vienna, Austria, Malostranska Beseda in Prague, Czech republic, Parsons College Gallery in Paris, France, Famous When Dead Gallery in Melbourne, Australia, Fountain Gallery, NYC, USA, Forum Stadpark in Graz, Austria, Street Art Tour Festival in Indonesia... She collaborated with Pohoda festival in Trencin, Slovakia every year since 2006, where created large scale murals, plywood sculptures, as well as other surface art painted live during the festival.

During mid 90s, established her first art studio in centre of Amsterdam, Netherlands and was very active in the local art and music scene for following 5 years.
In United Kingdom Maria Slovakova started off as a contributing artist at Pop God record label in Bristol for The Moonflowers and Me band promo materials and record sleeves in early 90’s. Invitation to a show as part of Genderquake show organized by artist Vanilla Beer at Citizens Gallery in London followed. She also regularly designed promo flyers for Phobia Promotions also based in London. Invited to Latitude Festival in 2009 (Faraway Tree installation), 2011 (Lavish live art) and 2012 with a performance poetry/music show at In the Woods stage), she repeatedly was shown at Cultivate Gallery in Vyner Street, London, was a part of We are Pop at John Mackie Gallery in Harrogate as well as number of shows in London’s Leytonstone such as Star Walls and Creative Bloc.

Along with visual art, she is a published and award winning poet, Maria has performed at a large number of events and venues around London and her poetry has been broadcasted on radio shows on BBC, Radio FM (Slovak national radio) and Milton Keynes Community Radio among others. She released a mini album titled Speaking of Words in 2011. She has been designing the Poviedka book covers for publisher KK Bagala in Slovakia since 2011.

In 2016 she relocated from London to more rural environment and currently runs Peace&Cookies, an art and design studio that is located in former village post office in Alet les Bains, South of France.

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