'Make a wish' - Your custom art piece

viber image 2019-04-16 , 14.31.46.jpg
viber image 2019-04-16 , 14.31.46.jpg

'Make a wish' - Your custom art piece

from 250.00

Dear art lover. It's your pick.

  • Look through the website for inspiration

  • Select your favourite characters and after you do so, pick the size from the drop down menu.

  • Make a payment

  • We start talking. Email or Skype, your choice again. We talk more. I will make sketches and after your approval of the final image, I create a unique art piece in the size you pre-selected in the beginning. 

  • I wrap it carefully, include the certificate of authenticity and send it your way. You enjoy. That is the simple plan. Collection from the studio also possible.


If you are not happy with the vibe of our communication during the initial consultation, you will receive a full refund. It's not fair to charge you if we can not talk well and therefore create something beautiful that will make you happy. Please note that the purchase of the existing artworks is final though.

Sincerely, Maria

P.S. Until further notice, cost of delivery is included in the price.

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